Information about activities and available items and services

Risk Assessments

The Church and Parish Centre Risk Assessments have been updated and are available on the notice board in Church.   Please read these.   If you have any questions then please contact the Churchwarden or the Office.

Part time work and volunteering opportunities

Part time work and volunteering opportunities at Adventure Plus & Windmill Farm, Clanfield    

We are pleased to announce a range of part time employment (&/or volunteering) opportunities including:
Construction Project Manager, Fund Raising Coordinator, Funding Bid Writers, Site Maintenance Manager, HR Support, Worship Leaders or Regular Cleaning Hours.
For details go to:
Use your experience to help us make a difference in the lives of thousands of children, young people & adults each year
in a positive Christian Environment!

Volunteer Drivers

The Archway Foundation supports lonely people in Oxford and Abingdon and needs Volunteer Drivers!
If you have a driving licence and own a car, you could be a lifeline for somebody who is lonely and isolated. Archway's drivers provide a key service to those who cannot get out to Archway's social groups in order to meet others who are often their only friends.
Do please contact Archway to find out more at this link.


                   Telephone (Archway) on 01865 79055, or

                   e-mail, or

                   speak to Chris Taft or Margaret Price at St Matthew's.

Coffee and Cake

Coffee and Cake takes place on Thursdays from 10am until 12 noon upstairs in the Parish Centre.  It's a time for parents to relax and meet other parents.  This term we are reading a parenting and spirituality book alongside doing some reflection. There is a creche available.  We look forward to seeing you there!

> For more information contact: Jo Hutchence   07960 027901

Calling the curious, the playful and the wonder-ers!

We need you to join our team who accompany the Church children on their journey as growing disciples.

         Our smallest in Creche need 3-4 to join their team.

         Fireflies, our 3-5 year olds, need 2-3 to join their team.

         Lanterns, our 5-11’s, need 1-2 to join their team.

We rely heavily on parents and carers but having your own child is not a prerequisite for being on team! In fact it is often a blessing to not have your child in the group. We also want to encourage men to come on team too – our boys and girls need male models for their faith and whilst we are blessed to have a few regular male volunteers, the teams are definitely female oriented. Visiting groups is possible before commitment but by arrangement only please. Training and induction into Safeguarding and how we do things is part of the deal. If you can offer one Sunday morning every 4-6 weeks to playfully explore a bible story and matters of our wonderful faith with our children please let me know in person or by email– Yvonne Morris on:

Drop in Lunch – helpers needed

If anyone would be willing to make or buy some soup or a cake (once every six weeks) for the drop in lunch we would be very grateful.  

Also if anyone would be prepared to help with the washing up from 12.15 to 1.30 on Thursday lunchtime (once every six weeks) then let us know in the office.                 Thank you.

Acts345 a Christian Charity

Sandwiches for Gatehouse Group

Once a month St Matthew’s provides eight loaves of sandwiches for The Gatehouse cafe for the homeless. We meet at 11.30 on the second Tuesday in each month in the parish centre kitchen.

If you are interested in helping with this, please contact Ann Poulter on 07773 671034

Interest-Free Loans!!!

Our PCC has recently approved the setting up of a small interest-free loan fund to help people who urgently need a loan for a good purpose, who are confident they can repay it, and who can't get it realistically elsewhere.

Please speak to John Price 07801 448929 if you:
                 might be interested in LENDING some money into this fund;
                 might want to BORROW some money from this fund;
                 would just like to find out a bit more about it.

St Matthew’s ‘Prayer 45’

45 minutes of corporate prayer in church, for the church and beyond starting at 45 minutes past the hour: every Tuesday from 6.45pm to 7.30.

In 'Prayer 45' we come together out of a desire to see God's loving purposes, for the church and for the world, fulfilled.
We commit ourselves to praying together with something of that desire that was in the hearts of Jesus' first followers who, having seen Jesus pray and wanting to grow in the practice of prayer, made the request written in stone over our main church door: LORD TEACH US TO PRAY.

Home Groups

Are you new to St Matts? Would you like to get to know people better and have the chance to discuss how your faith and the Bible relate to the challenges we face at work, in our families and communities, and in the wider  world?   If so, then you might like to join one of our home groups.  

Or maybe you've been part of the family at St Matts for some time, but never quite got round to joining a group.  Home groups meet during the week, and each group plans its own programme, based on the needs and interests of group members.  If you are interested in joining a group, or would like some more information, please see Michael Rayner (our assistant curate) after the service, or contact him via the church office.



'Tea and Cake'
1st Friday of each month 2pm - 3.30 in the Hall
Please come and enjoy tea with informal friendly company, activities include 'bring and share a book', talks on various topics, songs of praise etc.

Christians lead the way in legacy giving

Nearly half of all Christians have put a legacy gift in their will compared to just 7 per cent of the general population. However, according to a study by Christian Research, only 5 per cent of Christians see legacy giving as a way of impacting future generations. Howard Barker, Head of Legacy Giving at the Bible Society, said: ‘It’s wonderful so many Christians remember their favourite charities. However, it’s surprising that so few people realise how important these gifts are to charities.' Is it a good time for YOU to review your will?