Talks in Faringdon

On Thursday October 12th at 7.30pm the first of a series of thought-proving talks about science and faith starts in Faringdon Corn Exchange. Dr Sharon Dirckx will look at the question “Has science killed God?”.
Denis Alexander speaks on the title of his book “Creation or evolution: do we have to choose?” on Friday 3rd November. These talks are for everyone – with or without any science background, whether church members or with no church links at all. Please use flyers to invite friends to come with you. Entry and light refreshments are free. 

Tea Party

For older members of St Matthews and our community SATURDAY 14th OCTOBER.  2pm -3.30 TEA AT THE TICKLER'S Come and enjoy good company, tea and cakes at Peter and Fiona's lovely home and garden in Abingdon as summer quickly gives way to Autumn. Followed by another opportunity to enjoy your favourite songs led by Sarah Maitland a former member of our congregation and we'll known to many of you.
Transport is not a problem lifts will be arranged to take you there and back.
If you would like to come please contact Jane Sutton 01235526114 or the church office 01865798587

Drop in Lunch – helpers needed

If anyone would be willing to make or buy

some soup or a cake (once every six weeks)

for the drop in lunch we would be very grateful.  

Also if anyone would be prepared to

help with the washing up from 12.15 to 1.30 on Thursday lunchtime (once every six weeks)

then let us know in the office.                 Thank you.


We need more volunteers at St Matthew’s for the following roles:
            Laptop Operators
            Flower arrangers

Please contact the office if you are willing to help with any of the above: telephone  01865 798587
or e-mail