Pastoral Care at St.Matthew's

In pastoral care at St Matthew’s we seek:

  • To demonstrate God’s love by standing alongside people in their joys and sorrows and through difficult times e.g. illness, bereavement, unemployment, hardship and relationship difficulties
  • To encourage individuals to grow in spiritual strength
  • To build a community of mutual compassion and care

For more information go to: pastoral care.

Loneliness     For more information follow this link.

Loneliness is an experience that many of us may go through at various times in our lives, affecting people of all ages. Almost half of adults in England say they experience feelings of loneliness and it has been widely quoted that loneliness is as bad for one’s health as smoking.

St Matthew's is a supporter of the Archway Foundation which was established in Oxford in 1982 to help relieve some of the real distress that loneliness can cause. Via social groups and befriending, they  connect those feeling alienated, with a diverse group of volunteers, many of whom know for themselves how damaging loneliness can be.