Vision & values

Our Welcome banner in the church expresses something of what we are about and who we think we are:

At St Matthew's we try to be hospitable to whoever comes to us, however long they stay - we want people to feel at home with us whether or not they have a committed faith.  We are committed to spiritual growth and journeying, our own and each other's.  We want to foster a whole-life Christian faith, not just for Sundays but in our homes and working lives through the week.  We take risks and do things differently in our services, we use varied teaching methods, including film, and we think Christian faith is costly and serious but not grim - we laugh quite a lot!

We are developing our vision as a church, having moved on from a period when we focussed on 'Opening Doors' into our life as a community.  People who have come to St Matthew's in recent years have tended to describe it as a place where you can 'be yourself', 'a place of healing', 'a place of resourcing'.  We are a mixed community, with people from the surrounding homes and those living further afield; we seek to balance the call to be a witness to the local community in which the church is placed with the call to resource those who worship with us but who live and work elsewhere.