Zones and other types of service

Different types of service at St. Matthew's

St. Matthew's has some slightly different services on Sundays sometimes. You can find out a bit more about some of them here.

If you want to know more still about these ideas, plus other things that St. Matthew's does to try to help us live out our faith in our daily lives, a write up is available giving further details and lots of practical thoughts.

Zoned services

What's a zoned service?! During part of a service, the congregation visits different areas of the church, or zones, each of which allows them to explore the topic of the service in different ways. The aim is to give people new insights and to experience the bible and their faith, and God, in new ways.  Often the zoned part of a service takes place instead of the normal sermon.  There might be zones where people can reflect on a bible passage; or discuss the topic of the day; or write a psalm or prayer based on the service theme; or reflect on artworks depicting the bible passage or them; or engaging in craft activities which allow reflection on a theme  . . . . there are lots of possibilities!

Sofa Sermons

Sofa sermons are a way of helping us think about current issues from a Christian point of view. Each sofa sermon consists of three or four people (on a sofa!) being interviewed about a particular topic. The people on the sofa are mainly St Matthew's members who have particular expertise in the area being discussed. The sofa sermon happens in place of the normal sermon, in an otherwise largely unchanged service.