Giving at St Matthew's

All members of our church are encouraged to give regularly to the work of the church. This enables us to continue to spread the gospel by our ministry both within the local community and further afield, to pay our staff, and to maintain our buildings. Please download a copy of our practical guide to giving, 'Money Matters' for more information.

Ways to give


You can give a one off donation by following this link

Parish Giving Scheme

The Parish Giving Scheme is a new, free way to help plan your giving and, if you are a tax payer, to do so tax efficiently. You give your regular donations for St Matthew’s to the Parish Giving Scheme by direct debit on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Your full gift, and any associated Gift Aid is automatically credited to the church in the same month. You can choose to inflation proof your gift and you can give anonymously if you wish. You can change or cancel the amount at any time by a simple phone call to the Parish Giving Scheme team. If you already give to St Matthew’s it is  very easy to make the switch. More information and an application form may be found here. You can also set this up via telephone - dial 0333 002 1271

Bank Standing Order

If you have a bank account, a standing order is another goodt way to give to St Matthew’s. You don’t have to remember to pay each month, and it helps us to plan our budget. You decide how much you want to give and when you want to give it. This is an efficient way of regular giving and it is easy to start. A standing order form can be downloaded here.


If you prefer, we can give you a supply of dated envelopes in which to bring your gift to church.

Give as you earn

Give-as-you-earn (GAYE) is another tax-efficient method of giving which some employers support. The money is deducted by your employer from your pay and sent to the church’s bank via the GAYE scheme. If you would like to use this method, your employer will need our GAYE registration number: 216480.

Charities Aid Foundation

We also accept CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) vouchers.