Who's Who

Meet our team

Reverend Dr Jenni Williams


Reverend Jon Williams

Associate Vicar

Reverend Mike Rayner

Associate Vicar - St Matthew's

Reverend Jane Lees

Minister and paid community worker - St Luke's

Jo Hutchence

Families pastoral care worker - St Matthew's

Kate Smith

Children’s & families worker - St Matthew's and St Luke's

Naomi Shaw

Youth & community worker - St Matthew's and St Luke's

Donna McCullough

Crèche Worker - Coffee and Cake - St Matthew's

Katharine Crouch

Parish Administrator - St Matthew's

Siegi Dethune

Parish Administrator - St Luke’s

Sarah Hearne

Cleaner - St Mathew's and St Luke's

John Price

Treasurer and CAP Representative

Nicky Rayner

PCC Secretary, Safeguarding Officer and CAP representative

Peter Buchan-Symons

Warden (based at St Matthew's)

Douglas Igben

Warden (based at St Luke's)

Nigel Pearson

Deputy Warden (based at St Matthew's)

Jane Jones

Deputy Warden (based at St Luke's)