Who's who

Along with the St Matthew's vicar and small staff team are many others who take responsibility for the different aspects of church life.

Responsibilities include leading the services, making sure that sound equipment is in working order, running activities for young people and children, participating in the music group, leading a small group, baking cakes, arranging flowers for the church . . . plus the normal sorts of committees and things that help keep it all going. If you would like to know more about getting involved in St Matthew's, please get in touch.

Name Involvement Responsibilities
vacancy Vicar  
Revd. Mike Rayner Curate  

Kate Smith

Full-time staff member Children and Families Worker
Naomi Shaw Part-time staff member Youth and Community Worker
Jo Hutchence Volunteer Families and Pastoral Worker
Rosemary Kitto Part-time staff member Administrative Assistant to the Vicar and office manager
Sarah Hearne Part-time staff Cleaner
Chris Taft Volunteer Church Warden
Tim Goodacre Volunteer Deputy Church Warden
Mo Bond Volunteer Creche (0-3 years)
Kate Smith See above Glowsticks and Lanterns (5-11 years)
Jenny Hellyer Volunteer Women's Breakfasts
Kate Smith See above Fireflies (3-5 years)
Philip King and Nigel Pearson Volunteers Music Group
Nicky Rayner Volunteer Treasurer
John Price Volunteer Stewardship Secretary