Who's Who

St Matthew's Church

Meet the dedicated team of people at St Matthew's and St Luke's Churches who work together to unite faith, community, and compassion in the heart of the city.


Reverend Dr Jenni Williams


Reverend Jon Williams

(Associate Vicar)

Reverend Mike Rayner

(Associate Vicar - St Matthew's)

Jo Hutchence

(Families pastoral care worker - St Matthew's)

Naomi Shaw

(Youth & community worker - St Matthew's and St Luke's)

Katharine Crouch

(Parish Administrator - St Matthew's)

Siegi Dethune

(Parish Administrator - St Luke’s)

Sarah Hearne

(Cleaner - St Mathew's and St Luke's)

John Price

(Treasurer and CAP Representative )

Nicky Rayner

(PCC Secretary, Safeguarding Officer and CAP representative)

Peter Buchan-Symons

(Warden (based at St Matthew's))

Douglas Igben

(Warden (based at St Luke's))

Nigel Pearson

(Deputy Warden (based at St Matthew's))

Jane Jones

(Deputy Warden (based at St Luke's))